DiCheetal, along with the domain names dicheetal.com and searchelerator.com, are for sale.
For information, email dan@dicheetal.com.
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Why do I have to create an account?

DiCheetal is a cloud animal. That means that when you customize it by adding favorites, building lists, etc., it saves your settings on our web server. Your account keeps your settings separate from everyone else's. That's all. We don't store any information that identifies you. We only ask for your email address to verify your account. So don't worry, be happy. Create an account and start using DiCheetal Web Edition now!

* You can use DiCheetal as a guest. When you do, you can search using our default settings but cannot use any of the configuration options, such as building lists or adding search engines. Guest access is intended to give you a taste of how DiCheetal works, but its real power comes from building lists. So after taking it for a test romp, create your account and experience everything DiCheetal has to offer!

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